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Trying hard isn't good enough

The great inter-galactic coach, Jedi Master Yoda had it right: "Do or do not. There is no try." Trying is a default. Rarely will the best athletes say that they weren't trying. Not a good look. The odd (as in occasional rather than strange) professional tennis player has admitted to not trying. And 'tanking' is rightly frowned on across many sports. So what am I getting at?

The ideas of "try", "try your best", "try hard" are vague and fail to draw the athlete's mind on the need for a sharp focus on success factors. All athletes try and all try hard - ask them; they tell you that. But if their effort is channelled into thoughts that narrow down onto the technical element(s) that create a great performance then:

1. external and irrelevant information is excluded

2. all is in the moment

3. execution is repeating what has been practiced.

We'll have some real life examples in a future post.

(photo source: Cambridge squash club)

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