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It's all about angles

A couple of pointers:

👉Many coaches stand at the oddest angles to watch the athletes train. In competition, you mostly don't get much choice, but on the training floor, you are in charge. Pick a position where you have the best line of sight on the performance path. For instance, I watch my weightlifters from the side (to check bar path), from the back (to check extension through the shoulders) on the 45, to get a sense of foot work and heel drive) and so on. But pick the main angle for what you want to achieve in that workout.

👆👇👈👉But group/team situations are different. As well as paying close attention to individual performance, you have to 'keep an eye' on the rest. In an earlier blog, I commented on the need to be scanning the training area every minute. So keep a wide viewing angles. The athlete or group under close scrutiny should be at the centre of your field of vision, while the rest of the group is in the wide angle. This gives you the opportunity to go straight to another athlete or group and provide immediate feedback. Athletes appreciate it. It sends a message that you are paying attention whereever you are on the training floor.😍

(photo source: SK Sports Academy)

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